Nothing is quite like hitting the trails on your snowmobile. The pristine white wilderness, the joy of blazing a trail, the wind in your face... until you get too cold.

For some the chill in the air is one of the biggest draws. Others see it as an inconvenience they must overcome. Yet others simply refuse to even try it because of the cold. How do you reconcile so many points of view?

One thing you can do is install a windshield on your sled. This provides some protection from the wind and the cold. Even if your snowmobile didn't come with a windshield, there's still a good chance you can find an aftermarket one.

With a windshield attached, much of the discomfort of the cold air whipping by is avoided. It literally goes right around you. This can improve your riding endurance and the enjoyment of your trip.

There are basically two general types of snowmobile windshields. First is the racing windshield. This offers very little in the way of protection from cold, but rather are designed for aerodynamics. They are much sturdier than their larger counterparts.

Second is the touring windshield. These are much taller and direct the wind around you in such a way as to protect you from cold. Since they're much taller, they aren't as sturdy, and can crack more easily, but if you aren't riding too aggressively and avoid hitting any low tree branches you should be fine.

If you are replacing your windshield, double check to make sure the new one is compatible. There are many manufacturers out there, so shop around to find your best deal. It seems silly, but make sure the windshield is the right height.

You may also be interested in customizing other parts of your sled. New snowmobile shocks can improve performance and riding comfort. Even a simple snowmobile suspension tune up can make a huge difference.