Everyone knows that great shocks are bound to improve your ATV’s performance.  But how frequently should those shocks be changed? Follow these bits of advice on how often your ATV shocks should be changed and other reasons to have your shocks serviced.

Shock absorbers are one of the most important parts of an ATV’s system.  The nature of the vehicle is to be driven over many types of terrain.  Thus, ATV shocks can be intensively used and need frequent adjustment.

In general, it’s recommended that ATV shocks are serviced every season. If something seems wrong in your ATV’s performance during the season, then additional servicing should be scheduled.

To be more specific, the frequency of your shock maintenance should depend on two things.  The first is the number of hours the ATV is driven. The second factor is under what conditions the ATV is driven.

Driving in extremely hot or extremely cold conditions will increase the amount of maintenance your shocks will need.  Aggressively driven shocks in dust, mud, or rock will also require additional servicing. Some people are unaware that adjustment settings on your ATV are also factors to take into consideration when determining the frequency of basic maintenance.

Experts recommend that shocks be inspected before and after each use if riding has been aggressive. This is recommended as a preventative measure to detect possible problems.  Another good suggestion is to leave technical adjustments in the hands of trained repair professionals.

One very common problem that riders encounter in dealing with shocks is when the ATV is not stable on curves.  There are two possible causes for this problem.  One of those causes deals directly with the shocks.

The first issue is that the ride height is just too high.  Solving this is easy; simply adjust the height of the vehicle.  However, you may have a problem with the shocks tuning. Instability on curves may indicate too soft of a suspension for the track or terrain that’s being ridden. This is where an experts help will come in handy. A suspension expert will be able to tune the shock and or service it to bring the ATV back into a comfortable level of performance.