Before you set out on an ATV trip, you will need to know what to bring with you. There are many things you can bring; some necessary, some not. This article will discuss a few of the most important items to bring with you on your ride.

First, you will need proper riding attire. This includes a good helmet that is meant for ATV riding. It also includes riding clothes and good riding boots.

Your clothing will be the only thing protecting your body if you ever fall from your vehicle. It’s important to make sure your clothes are somewhat protective and cover a good portion of your skin. Even if it simply protects your skin from a bad rash or scrape, it will have done its job.

It’s also smart to bring small repair kits for your ATV. You will want a tire repair kit for flat tires and any other small tool that may be useful. You obviously won’t be fixing your ATV shocks while out on the trail, but there is a lot you can fix if you just have a few simple items.

Speaking of ATV shocks, they should be check prior to your trip, as should other main components of your ATV. Bringing a properly inspected vehicle on your ride will help prevent unnecessary accidents and mistakes. An ATV shock may not seem like a disaster waiting to happen, but without proper care they can cause other damage to the ATV.

No matter how long your trip is going to be, you should always take water and some kind of food. If you’re planning a long trip, you will need to take enough for your needs plus some. You always want to be prepared just in case you are stuck with a broken vehicle and need nourishment.

Getting lost out on the trail can be common especially when the trails aren’t marked very well. Make sure you have a navigation guide with you. This can be something as simple as a compass or something more complex like a GPS.

There isn’t much room for extra things on an ATV so make sure you have your priorities in order while packing. Pack survival items, safety gear, and vehicle repair equipment. If you need to bring an extra bag to fit these things then that’s what you should do. You always want to be prepared when riding an ATV.