An ATV shock is a thin cylinder piece that contains a piston.  This part goes in and out of the cylinder in a straight line. Hydraulic fluid, is what fills the inside of the cylinder.

The piston’s flows through the fluid that is inside. Resistance develops and this decreases the sliding movement.  The amount of movement in the suspension is what allows you to tune the shock to the changing terrain. This is done with thin pieces of metal called shims. They are stacked on ether side of the piston to create this resistance. It is also called valving.

You almost always need ATV shocks for riding in any sort of race environment as well as casual trail riding.  Shocks make the most of ATV suspensions travel.  They are important for ATV’s because almost all are used  are for either racing or recreational riding.

It’s great being able to ride on almost any kind of trail with an ATV.  It’s so much fun to find new trails and see unexplored parts of nature.  If you have ever gone on a ride with bad shocks, you know how rough and at times painful it can be.

Not only can a poorly tuned or failing shock make for an uncomfortable ride, but it can decrease the life of your ATV as a whole. 

The manufacturer will give you a recommended amount of time when you should look over your ATV shocks.  Doing this not only makes you a responsible owner, but keeps your ATV ion safe condition for riding.  You can’t always tell if a shock is going bad. If it is leaking oil this is a sure sign. Also look them over to make sure your don't notice anything out of place. This can also help insure you will enjoy a safe ride.

Good traction and stability are key points to having a good ride, and correctly tuned shocks will do that for you.  The better the shocks, the more control you will have driving as well as superior impact resistance.  It’s a part that is worth spending a little time and money on.