One of the largest improvements you can make, to an ATV, is aftermarket suspension. Often when considering this upgrade, the question of “what is the best ATV suspension?” is raised. So, who makes the best suspension components and why?

For me the answer is Zbroz Racing (manufacturers of EXIT shocks and Ars-FX components). I have several reasons for why I choose Zbroz Racing’s products, none of which are because I am the rider rep and outside sales associate.

What is the Best ATV Suspension - Exit ShocksFirst and foremost is the build quality. Each and every EXIT shock is manufactured in the USA using the best materials available. The aluminum used in every EXIT shock is machined, not cast and then anodized for extreme durability. We use the highest quality springs, ensuring a consistent springrate and again “extreme durability”. On the Ars-FX side, components are also manufactured in house, using only the best materials. Our fabricator Glen Floyd hand selects the tubing used in Ars-FX components, to ensure it was manufactured right here in the USA. This is commitment to quality, which translates into components you can trust.

Second, would have to be the attention to detail and customer specific setup. Unlike the competition, we do not have our ATV shocks sitting on the shelf, with generic valving and springrate. When you order a set of EXIT shocks, we take into account your machine, rider weight, ability, typical terrain and machine modifications. We then create custom valving and springrate to match your specs and ability. Our Ars-FX A-Arms components are designed in conjunction with our shocks, not before or after. This gives you a complete package that handles everything you can throw at it.

What is the Best ATV Suspension - ARSFX A-ArmsThird on my list, is knowledge and experience. EXIT shocks designer Mike Hallock is a legend in the ATV/UTV industry, with over 25 years experience, working with the best that ATV racing has to offer. The benefit of having Mike’s knowledge, when designing shocks and components together, is undeniable. Aside from providing custom built shocks that are incredible right out of the box, Mike has provided Ars-FX components with the best ratios available. Our Linkages are nothing short of a work of art and they perform as good as they look. Again, the benefits of manufacturing EXIT and Ars-FX in house, with everyone working together, is undeniable.

The final and possibly most important reason would have to be service after the sale. This portion of a ATV suspension purchasing decision is commonly overlooked. All EXIT shocks come with our “Ride Quality Guarantee”, which provides you with the piece of mind, knowing that your shocks will work flawlessly. As the rider rep, I am available 24 hours a day to help you dial in your shocks and make adjustments. It’s not uncommon for me to get a call early Saturday morning, from a rider wanting to make a couple clicker adjustments, or fine tune before a race. As a lifetime rider/racer myself, this is the type of support I always wanted from ATV suspension companies, but never received. To work for a company that not only allows me to provide this service, but backs it up with incredible customer service from everyone involved, is a true blessing. I guess to summarize, with Zbroz Racing products, whether you’re a fulltime professional racer, or a weekend recreational rider, you receive the exact same quality product and support. That is why Zbroz Racing is your best choice for ATV/UTV suspension.