All Terrain Vehicles, or ATV’s, can be used for a variety of activities. In the summer months they are great for racing and riding, and in the winter they can help with plowing and hauling. There are two major categories of ATV’s, utility and recreational.

The utility ATV’s were the original all terrain vehicle appealing to farmers, hunters, and gardeners. Their 4-wheel drive and many possible accessories make them a useful and versatile tool in many professions. In summer they can be loaded with rakes, sprayers, carts, and mowers.

The recreational vehicles are lighter in weight and are two wheel drive. They can feature upgrades and accessories including better ATV shocks, cup holders, trial lights and covers. So whether you’re hitting the sand dunes or riding through mountain trials you can enjoy the freedom of this fun ride.

It’s important to understand your ATV, especially when upgrading or modifying your vehicle. In order to make wise and economical decisions about which upgrades to make, you must first think of how you will use your ATV. Then you can choose which upgrades and accessories will give you greater satisfaction and enjoyment.

If you find yourself using your ATV in deep mud or heavy snow you might be interested in a lift kit, which will raise your vehicle and give it a better clearance. If you need better traction and floatation, perhaps bolt on kits with big wheels may be the best choice. If you enjoy getting more air or just want a more comfortable ride you may want to invest in higher performance ATV shocks.

Saggy shocks can cause a multitude of problems for your vehicle. It can decrease your ground clearance, your control, and increase body role when turning hard corners. New high quality ATV shocks can make your ride more comfortable by decreasing the amount of kinetic energy that gets transferred to your body. This means you won’t get sore when you’re out and can ride longer.

There are a lot of things you can do to make sure your ride is more comfortable. You can add gel handlebars for shock absorption or grip handlebars for more control. You can also increase comfort with choosing the right helmet and goggles that keep you safe without making you too hot and uncomfortable.

If you want to maintain, upgrade, or accessorize your ATV it is important to understand you vehicle and how you use it. Making sure you start out with the right kind of All Terrain Vehicle you can make sure you don’t abuse or wreck it with misuse. You can also know which upgrades will increase your comfort and performance.