In a recent blog we spoke about popular off-roading trails from Northern Utah. We had so many people ask us about it that we decided to do one about the Southern Utah off-roading trails. Here is our favorite trails from down South.

Elephant Hill - This is one of the most popular 4-wheel drive roads in Southern Utah. It has great trails that loop all the way around the Island in the Sky. The loop goes on for over 100 miles. Reservations are recommended.

Surrounding Nation Park Areas - It is not permitted to off-road in National Parks, but there are a lot of trails outside of the parks to use. These areas offer great park vistas and good off-roading opportunities. These trails are near Bryce Canyon and Zion Park. Be sure that your ATV shocks have been serviced so you have a better ride.

Cathedral Valley - Cathedral Valley has a pretty loop that passes Capitol Reef's beautiful landscape. A few sites you can see are the Temples of the Sun and Moon and Glass Mountain. Be sure to check about weather before you take off, as weather conditions can determine how well the road conditions are. This trail is best for vehicles that have higher ground clearance. Be sure to have your ATV shocks serviced before you take your ATV for this trail.

Burr Trail - This trail is one of the most popular drives in southern Utah. You can see amazing scenery above the Bullfrog Marina on Lake Powell. This trail is great for off-roading, though passenger cars can also make it if the weather is good.

The Paiute ATV Trail - This is a very famous trail in Utah. It has a 200 mile loop that goes over three different mountain ranges. These rugged canyons and deserts add a fun exploration opportunity. There are a lot of side trips you can take since there are hundreds of miles of open roads for ATV use.

Boulder Mountain - Boulder Mountain is great for vehicles that have 4-wheel drive. This mountain offers a ruggedly scenic drive to Cathedral Valley or Capitol Reef National Park. This is the trail that is North of Boulder Mountain that goes over the back of the Thousand Lake Mountain by Fremont and Loa.

Grand Canyon - Last but not least, another great place to see incredible vistas, canyons and trails is the grand canyon. It is one of the world's most beautiful landscapes. Some of the trails in the canyon are only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles. When you go on these types of trips it is a good idea to be prepared. Have your ATV shocks serviced and be sure you have plenty of gas. Have back up gas cans available in case you go a little further than you intended.