What do you do if your snowmobile breaks down while out on a ride? How can you safely get your snowmobile back for repairs? If you have someone with you riding another snowmobile, you can use that snowmobile to tow the disabled machine.

Towing a broken snowmobile requires great caution to avoid injuries and to avoid damaging either machine. Always remove the drive belt from the snowmobile that will be towed. If you can, use a rigid tow bar instead of a rope or chain.

If you don't have a tow bar, and must use a rope or chain, tie the left ski of the inoperable snowmobile tight against the hitch or right rear of the snowmobile you will be using to pull it with. This will keep the inoperable snowmobile from wandering. It is recommended that no one ride on the disabled snowmobile since they could suffer injuries if it gets out of control.

If you must have passengers on the inoperable snowmobile, make sure they keep their feet on the running boards. They can also help with steering and breaking on the disabled snowmobile. To avoid injuries, make sure the rear snow flap on the towing snowmobile is properly functioning.

The snowmobile driver should be very careful at all times while pulling another machine. Slow down and take it easy. Use flags or reflectors so you are visible to others and they can see that you are being towed.

Before crossing a road, the passenger should get off the towed machine and walk across. Use extreme caution at all times. Remember that safety is your primary goal.

Never tow someone on skis, or those in inner tubes, sleds or toboggans. A cutter is a specially designed snowmobile sled with a rigid hitch and is the only device that should be pulled to carry passengers. Make sure the rear snow flap on the snowmobile is in place to avoid injury to passengers.

Remember to keep your snowmobile in top working order to avoid breakdowns. Good snowmobile shocks will keep your machine running smoothly. Snowmobile shocks should be checked regularly and replaced with high quality snowmobile shocks when needed.