Just like any motorized vehicle, an ATV has hundreds of components that make it work properly. You are responsible for the upkeep of your vehicle so it is important to understand what you are doing. You may think an ATV is pretty invincible, but neglecting to take care of it will prove otherwise.

Many ATV riders like their tires to have low air pressure. With low air pressure it is easier for debris to get caught between the tire and the rim. Make sure to clean this area out regularly to ensure a long life for your tires.

Debris can also get caught up near your ATV shocks. ATV shocks are a very important part of the vehicle. Without clean ATV shocks, you will see a dramatic decrease in your ATV’s performance. Make sure all debris is cleaned out if it’s in an area that could cause problems.

You also want to make sure and double check your cables before going out to ride. You don’t want to end up stuck in the middle of nowhere with a big heavy vehicle. Make sure your cables aren’t fraying or disconnected and keep them free of debris as well.

As you load your ATV onto a truck or trailer make sure your ramps are properly secured. Many people risk their lives by loading without securing their ramps. While you may not think it would happen to you, serious injuries are caused by this careless act.

Your fuel vent lines can easily become clogged especially with dirt and grime. This will trap your fuel from reaching its destination. Make sure you do a periodic check to be sure these lines aren’t causing blockage.

Using the right fuel is very important. Many people think that putting high octane fuel into their engine will increase the performance. This is not true. High octane fuel is meant for high-compression motors. If you put it into a stock motor, it will actually slow your vehicle down and could harm the engine.

These are just a few of many tips for keeping up with your ATV. To get the best ride possible make sure you are aware of the needs of your vehicle. It may take some time and money, but taking care of your ATV will give you much better performance all around.