It’s August, the middle of the summer.  So, naturally that means we are exactly “halfway” to snowmobiling season, right? That thought should set off an alarm telling you that right now is the best time to tune up your snowmobile. 

Think back to last season.  By the time you made your last snowmobile run, did you notice any lack in your snowmobile’s performance?  Often times by the end of a good season a machine will be crying for a tune up. 

And so a performance checklist is in order.  There are many factors that can contribute to a downgrade in snowmobile performance.  For the purpose of this article, we’ll discuss one of the main factors that should be in everyone’s performance checklist:  clutching.  
If your snowmobile experienced clutching problems that affect your snowmobile suspension parts, you may need to do a thorough inspection of the clutch. The components that make up the clutch can wear down. A clutch system will start to show wear and tear around the engine.

But the good news is that preventative maintenance measures can keep these problems from affecting the performance of your snowmobile suspension parts.  Much of the maintenance can even be done yourself.  (In fact, you may even be able to save some money for your next snowmobile trip!)

Begin by disassembling the pulleys and inspecting them.  Also check the alignment of the clutch whenever you sense a problem.  Professionals can always take a look at parts to let you know if pulleys, belts and all of your snowmobile suspension parts are shipshape.

Moreover, in your inspection, you will need to clean out any debris in your snowmobile’s pulleys. Dirt and grime naturally build up with aggressive snowmobiling.  But excessive dirt can completely shut down a clutch system. 

Before cleaning the pulley, take the belt off so that it does not come into contact with any cleaning solution.  Once that is done, you can use an acetone cleanser to free your machine from excessive grime.  Now you are on your way to having a fully maintained snowmobile.  This upcoming season you will be prepared!