When you think of snowmobiles, you think of snow. Go figure right? Different sleds are built to specialize in different types of snow, some for heavy powder, others for ice or snow pack.  What you may not know is that sleds can be a lot more diverse than that.

It's pretty common to go through a patch where the ground is exposed, so most snowmobiles can handle at least short term mud, grass, etc. You can drive around in your yard without doing anything to your sled, if you don't mind tearing up some grass. Some sleds, however, are customized for drag racing. On asphalt.

Putting your snowmobile on the street isn't nearly as complicated as it sounds. Basically you put on a flat rubber track, and wheels rather than standard skis. It's relatively inexpensive and not that difficult to make these modifications and hit the track.

Since most machines depend on the snow for cooling, you'll also have to include an auxiliary cooldown cart. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, you just need a way to pump some cold liquid through the engine to cool it off.

Beyond these basic modifications there are several other things that are nice to include. The more wheels you have on the skid to support your track the better. You'll also need a clutch guard if you're running a modified engine.

Of course, as always, be very conscious of safety. Helmet, leather jacket, gloves and boots are required. If you're sled goes over 120 mph a full leather suit is required. Take these things seriously, as your life could very literally depend on it.

Once your sled is ready, all you have to do is find a race. If you're so inclined, join the NHRA. They  will help you find races, plus there are some great member benefits like additional medical coverage if you're injured at one of their races.

Always make sure your snowmobile shocks are in good shape. When it comes time to switch back to standard tracks and skis, double check the shocks to make sure the drag racing hasn't changed your setup. With that little extra effort to make the conversions each year, you'll never have to leave your sled in the shed again!