James Bond is arguably the most well known spy in the world. The Bond films are the highest grossing film series in history, and there have been numerous other portrayals in nearly every form of media. Nearly everyone has heard of 007.

One of the well known characteristics of the franchise is the amazing technology James Bond uses to get his jobs done. Whether its a pen, a watch, or a shoe, there is always some gadget handy to get him out of a bad situation. And there's no shortage of bad situations for Mr Bond.

Something that is expected from a Bond film is a cool car and a great car chase. His cars are full of surprises, and just like his personal effects, you never know what might be included. Bond is also a master of improvisation, and has made his getaways on everything from skis to helicopters.

In a previous article we featured Bond's 3 wheel ATV. Here we will talk about the snowmobiles he has ridden. Like anything else in a Bond film, you can expect some interesting innovation and improvisation from our favorite agent.

The time James rode a snowmobile was in the film “A View to a Kill,” in which he was being chased down a mountain side by bad guys on skis, snowmobiles and a helicopter. He easily disables one of the snowmobile drivers and takes the machine to make a getaway, but the helicopter shoots it. As the snowmobile explodes, Bond jumps off and uses one of the machine's skis as a snowboard to escape the rest of the way. Interestingly, this scene is given credit as one of the factors that made snowboarding so popular.

“Die Another Day” features the villains sporting Bombardier Ski-Doo MX Z-Rev machines through some wintry Icelandic action scenes. It's full of stunts and tricks. The producers of the film say the chose them because they answered the need for "a sophisticated snowmobile with a high-tech edge."The snowmobiles used were just stock models, but Bombardier created a custom 007 line for collectors featuring improvements and upgrades on everything form the snowmobile shocks to a custom trim.

Finally, in “The World is Not Enough,” the villains come after Bond in Parahawks, which are combination planes, snowmobiles, propelled by giant fans on the back. With no snowmobile shocks to speak of, these were probably a bumpy ride once they got on the ground, but still made a great chase scene.

All of these machines are on display now in various museums, but the fun doesn't stop. While you should never attempt any of the stunts performed in the films, every ride can be an adventure of your own if you're up to it.