Not far from Billings, Montana, the Shepherd Ah Nei Recreation area offers about 50 miles of trails. Plenty of greenery surrounds these trails, with the lower section of trails open to OHV vehicles. The upper trails, however, are reserved for hikers and bicyclists.

With 50 miles of trails in a relatively small area, it is pretty easy to find your way around the trails. There are three staging areas to access the trail system. Park in the morning, and enjoy hours of exploration through a grassy area spotted with trees all around the weaving, intermingling trails.

To use this site, there is a self-pay kiosk that asks for $5 per OHV. This buys a permit to use the site for the day. The trail is open from 7am to 9pm and is not immediately connected to a camping area. Camping can be done at other sites in the Billings area.
How to get there: From Billings, Montana, you will need to take Highway 312 traveling northeast for 7.7 miles. After taking a left on Shepherd Road, drive another 4.8 miles.

Take a right onto Scandia Road and continue for 2.6 miles. A left onto CA Road leaves you with 4.6 miles until you reach the first staging area, on your left. Grab a group of novice or amateur OHV drivers and go have some fun!