Most ATV riders don’t know much about adjusting their ATV shocks. Having proper suspension adjustments can make a huge difference in your ride. You may not think you have suspension problems until you realize how much better they can become.

There are a few things you can do to adjust your ATV shocks. You can adjust the spring and its pre load which is done according to the rider’s weight. You can also adjust the compression and rebound of the shock if these adjustments are available. 

When adjusting the spings of the shock you will need to take some measurements. First you will lift your ATV off the ground and measure the springs length with no pressure on it. This is called Zero pre load. Next adjust it to the desired ride height with the rider on the ATV. Then measure the spring again. Subtract this from your first measurement and you now have the amount of pre load that is in your spring. 

The difference in these measurements will also give you what’s called the “height sag difference. Tuning the shocks usually involves turning a certain nut located around the spring area of the shock.

Adjusting the compression of the shock can be a little tricky. The compression can be adjusted to compress quickly or slowly or somewhere in between. You want to be using the whole length of the shock without bottoming out. This will take a lot of trial and error.

As you’re riding, notice how the bumps feel. If the compression is too soft the small bumps will be very smooth but a larger one will cause bottoming. If the compression is too hard, you will feel every little bump and never bottom. It depends on how you like your ride to feel so adjust it according to how you ride and what you like.

The rebound of the shock is what happens when the shock returns to its extended position. The softer it’s set the faster it will rebound. Too soft of a setting will jerk you back pretty hard while too hard of a setting won’t return it fast enough to be ready for the next bump.

These three adjustments can really make a world of difference when you’re riding your ATV. ATV shocks are really one of the most important parts of the ATV. They can make your ride miserable or enjoyable depending on how they function. Be sure to take the time to adjust them or have them adjusted so you can get the most out of your ride.