Snowmobiling can take you to some very remote places. Many people like snowmobiling for this very reason but without proper equipment it can be very dangerous. Whether you’re lost, stuck, or simply too tired to go on you will need the right tools in order to get you safely to your destination.

Cell phones may not work in all the places that you will go, but it is smart to bring one along anyways. Keep it wrapped up to prevent damage and to keep it warm. You don’t want your battery freezing or getting wet.

A GPS unit is a great investment to make for anyone who loves the outdoors. This will keep you from getting lost and help guide you on the trail. If there are more people in your party it is best if everyone has their own GPS in case one gets lost from the group.

Besides helping you find your way, a GPS can also help other people find you. Your GPS will give you your exact location in case you are lost and people need to know where you are. Emergency services can use that location to easily track you down whether on ground or in air.

Having some sort of signal device such as a flare can also be extremely helpful even if you do have a GPS. If people are looking for you in the dark, having a flare or some other light signal will help them to easily pinpoint your position. If for some reason your GPS or cell phone breaks or runs out of battery, these signal flares can save your life.

An alternative to a GPS, though not nearly as accurate, is a good old-fashioned map and compass. These tools have been used for years and years and still work great today. If you are going to go with a map and compass make sure your map is very detailed and your compass is good quality.

You may also want some basic mechanical tools for your snowmobile. You obviously won’t be able to fix a blown snowmobile shock, but having these tools is nice for the small things. Usually with snowmobile shocks you can feel them slowly wearing down. The only time a snowmobile shock blows out all of the sudden is when there is a strong and sudden impact.

Safety gear isn’t something to take lightly with snowmobiling. It’s a dangerous sport especially with the extreme weather. Prepare yourself with the proper safety tools so no matter your situation, you will be able to safely return home.