When you’re out riding your ATV, there are a lot of things to remember. Your mind can get pretty wrapped up in all that’s going on so it’s important to focus on your driving. Many people are hurt everyday riding ATV’s and most accidents can be prevented by driving responsibly.

The first thing you need to be aware of is whether or not you are actually allowed to be riding on the road. Even if there are other riders out there, you will want to check into the regulations for the area. There could be a safety hazard on that trail that could endanger you and others out on the trail.

Another way you can drive responsibly is to avoid excess wheel spin. This will wear down the trail and could even break it away in some areas. You will also want to drive over obstacles instead of always driving to the side. ATV shocks are made to handle obstacles so this shouldn’t be a problem. This will help preserve the trail and keep its width to what it should be.

Avoid cutting corners and switchbacks. Riding off the road may seem fun, but will provide unnecessary damage to those areas of land. We are lucky to have the ATV trails in such beautiful areas and it’s important to keep on the trails to preserve the beauty that’s out there.

Many riders like to show off by crossing streams in deep parts. Don’t wander from the trail just to do this. Only cross waters where the trail crosses them and only if the waters are low enough. You don’t want to ruin your ATV or risk drowning if you’re pulled downstream.

Try to always ride with a couple other people. The buddy system works for ATV riding too. If someone gets hurt or stuck, having others there to help can save their life.

Make sure your ATV is ready for the ride. Check your fluids, gas level, and other important parts like the ATV shocks. If your ATV shocks aren’t adjusted right, you can bottom out and possibly damage your ATV.

Respect is the root of responsibility. Always respect other drivers and people that are around you. Be courteous of campers, private property, and other trail users. The outdoors are there for everyone to enjoy and it takes responsibility from everyone in order to stay that way.