Riding double on an ATV, while not illegal in some states can be dangerous. Anyone who chooses to ride with a passenger assumes full responsibility for that passenger. This is especially true if the passenger is a child.

Young children are the most likely passengers carried on ATV's. This is because many of them would not be capable of driving themselves. While riding double is always more dangerous than riding alone, here are some tips to improve your safety.

All riders and passengers under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. Children riding with other children are in an extremely risky situation and such practices should never be allowed. ATV riding is a dangerous sport that requires maturity and instantaneous decision making good judgment at all times in order to maintain control of the vehicle.

An adult driver assumes all financial and legal responsibility for the passengers as well as for themselves. Having the helmeted child sit in front of the driver provides better control. This position is the best for allowing the driver to manage and control the child.

With the child in front, if s/he falls asleep, the driver can cradle the child so s/he won't fall off. If the need arises to jump off the ATV, the driver can quickly grab the child in an arm to make that jump. Should a roll-over occur, the adult could use his/her arms and elbows as a "roll bar" to protect the child.

When traveling over uneven terrain, the driver can use his/her knees to shift the child's weight along with their own in order to keep the machine in the proper balance. If for any reason the driver is not capable of doing these things, they should not be carrying a child passenger. The risk of injury or death is simply too great to justify a little fun.

Principles of maintaining proper balance over the center of gravity applies just as much when traveling with a child or adult passenger. Remember that riding with children is not recommended. Extreme caution should be taken to make every effort to minimize the risk of injury or death.

For proper control of your ATV, maintaining your machine in top working order is important. This includes having a good set of ATV shocks. Proper ATV shocks can make the difference not only in the comfort of your next ride, but in the safety as well. Remember to have your ATV shocks checked to maintain them in the best condition.