ATVs can provide a good time, but if you’re not careful you can end up getting hurt. With nothing around you to protect your body, you are responsible for any and all gear. Make sure you don’t skimp when protecting your body.

The most important ATV gear to wear is a helmet. You don’t want just a normal bike helmet. You want a full face helmet made specifically for ATVs. It looks similar to a motorcycle helmet.

You will also want to protect your eyes. Buy a good pair of riding goggles that will keep dirt, sand, and other debris out. Those ATVs can shoot up quite a bit of stuff and you don’t want it getting in your eyes.

Your boots should also be protective. You want sturdy, over the ankle boots that will keep your entire foot area protected. You also want them to be pretty comfortable or you might end up with blisters from walking.

Riding gloves are also pretty important. Your grip on the ATV is pretty tight almost the entire time you’re riding. Your hands can get pretty beat up if they are not protected with a good pair of gloves.

Some riders think it’s cool to wear shorts and T-shirts when riding their ATV. Doing this will only scratch your skin up from trees rocks and especially bug bites. Make sure you wear long sleeves and long pants. There is clothing made especially for ATVs that might be smart to get.

As you’re riding, make sure you ride smart. Don’t go faster than you’re able to and don’t do things you’re not comfortable with. As you start out riding test your ATV shocks. If your ATV shocks aren’t tuned right you might end up being knocked off or losing control.

There are a lot of things you can do to avoid injury while riding an ATV. Make sure you wear all the right gear listed above. Also make sure to tune your vehicle and the ATV shocks before you go out. Be safe and make sure you have fun.