Hi, today I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about our max ground clearance series products for the Polaris Razor XP. These parts fit on both the two seat version, as well as the four seat version we have here.


The first one I want to show you is our max ground clearance radius rod which basically takes your stock rod, it's all bolt on so it's a direct bolt on replacement part takes it from a straight radius rod to a curved rod that is built from high strength tubing, as well as being gusseted, so that it's durable and will hold up to all the trail pounding and jumping and things like that you're going to be doing with these high performance side by sides.


Here it is installed on a 4 seat car. As you can see it creates as much ground clearance as you can possibly get out of a radius rod. It's almost to the height of the axle. They work really well for rock crawling and trail applications where you're going to be crossing logs and big rocks and stuff like that . It avoids bending your stock one which is the common reason for people replacing these because you end up catching these on a rock and then they bend and your tires' camber and castor angle is all messed up.


The other thing I want to show you is our replacement trailing arm. Here we have a stock trailing arm. Here on the car we have our ARS-FX max ground clearance trailing arm. It's built out of DOM tubing; it's a larger diameter tube than the stock arm. It offers approx 3 inches of ground clearance right in front of the shock mount which is basically where the tire doesn't cover, so exactly where you need it you're going to pick up almost 3 inches of ground clearance with our trailing arm--which again is a big advantage for rock crawling, trail riding, and racing applications.


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