A popular way to ride ATV’s is with another passenger. Many people call it riding double. While this is definitely not the safest thing to do, there are ways you can minimize your risks while another passenger is present.

First and foremost, take responsibility for your actions. Riding with a passenger greatly increases the amount of harm that can be done to either rider. Make sure you understand what you’re getting into and be prepared to take full responsibility for you and your passengers’ safety.

The thing that throws most people off when they are riding double is the center of gravity. When you’re used to riding alone, you realize how different it feels when another person is added to the mix. Make sure you ride around some easy areas until you feel comfortable with the way it rides.

If you are riding with a child, you need to take extra precautions. If the child is small, they should ride in front of you. Only those that are strong enough to hold on should be riding behind you. Make sure you ride more safely than you normally would as children are more fragile.

When you come to a steep climb, having another person on board will make it much more of a challenge. If you don’t think you can handle it, just turn around and take another route. If you do decide to take the climb, make sure you take it slowly and remember that you will need to find the new center of gravity as you climb to prevent your ATV from rolling.

Because ATV’s are usually meant for one rider, the ATV shocks will normally be adjusted for a certain weight range. Having two bodies on the ATV may require the ATV shocks to be adjusted. Some ATV shocks can be adjusted on your own while others need to be taken in to a professional.
Having these shocks adjusted will really make a difference in how your ATV rides. Without adjusting them, you may find that your ATV will bottom out more often and could even cause someone to be knocked off the vehicle. Make sure you take the time beforehand to have this done.

Riding with a passenger on an ATV adds yet another risk that can have serious outcomes. Make sure you understand the preparation that needs to be done before you actually start your ride. Above all, be extremely cautious as you ride with another individual and take responsibility for your actions.