Utah is a wonderful place for off-roading. There are a lot of outstanding places for four-wheeling or ATVing. Here are my favorite places.

Diamond Mountain Plateau - This trail is between the Dinosaur National Monument and the Green River. It is famous for being the place where Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch wandered around. It is a perfect place to ride your motorcycle, ATV, or jeep.

National Forests - The National Forests of Utah have trails that are appropriate for off-roading vehicles. They offer beautiful scenery and a fun adventure. Double check with each forest to be sure which trail you can use.

Bountiful Peak - Bountiful peak is open during the summer and fall. This beautiful 21-mile scenic loop goes from 100 N. in Farmington to 400 N. 1300 E. in Bountiful. This trail has a lot of beautiful alpine scenery and a great view of the Great Salt Lake.

Little Sahara Recreation Area - Four-wheelers, dune buggies, dirt bikes, and ATVs alike will love these sand dunes and sagebrush flats. 2/3 of the Sahara Recreation area is set aside just for off-highway vehicle usage. Little Sahara is about 30 miles west of Nephi.

The Great Basin - The Great Basin has awesome mountain terrain and open stretches where you can off-road in solitude. You might even catch a glimpse of the first transcontinental railroad if you are at the north-west part. It still runs on the track, so use caution in that area.

The Oquirrh Loop Tour - This is a great trail that starts off in SLC and moves through several ghost towns and historic sites. Many of the off-roading trails were forked from the original pony express trail. It extends 150 miles through Utah and in to the small mountain ranges through the Nevada border.

If you are ATVing a lot it is important to take care of your ATV shocks. Having good ATV shocks means a smoother ride for you. Before you leave for your trip be sure to have your ATV shocks serviced.