Consisting of 13 miles of ATV trails and 27 miles of motorbike trails, the Nemadji State Forest Trails are stunning. Be prepared to meet up with a little mud, from time to time, as you curve through and around the trees.

There are several water crossings with little creeks and large streams to pass through. The hills roll up and down as you occasionally come across little swamps. Maintained by the Enduro Club, this trail system is well cared for.

There are at least a couple videos on YouTube demonstrating sections of the Nemadji State Forest Trails. You can watch motorcyclists racing in the shade of the trees and going through mud puddles. One shows a motorcyclist hesitate in front of a water crossing only to get temporarily stuck in the tree branches on the other side. Lots of fun!

There are stretches of trail that allow for some speed, but mostly, you will be having fun weaving side to side through the trees watching for each approaching mud puddle and narrow passage between tree trunks. These trails are mainly for novices and amateurs.

To get to Nemadji State Forest from St. Paul, Minnesota, take the I-35 North until Exit 195. That exit will take you to SR-23. You want to turn right onto SR-23, heading east for 25 miles. Take another right onto CR-146. After .3 miles, you’ll take a left at the T-intersection on Net Lake Road. 1.1 miles later, take a final right to stay on Net Lake Road for 3.5 more miles. The staging area will come up on your left.