Hopefully, you’re not one of those ATV riders that likes to keep your 4-wheeler pristine and sparkly clean, because if you do, the Mud Fury trails are not for you. These Louisiana trails are for off-roaders that like it dirty, muddy, and wet.

There are deep water crossings and mud bogs for all the splashing and snorkeling your ATV can handle. Just make sure you drive a properly equipped OHV, or you may find yourself in a sticky situation. For those who like it a little cleaner, however, there are some marked wood trails that offer some dry ground, and the trees are green and lush.

Check out YouTube, with a search on ATV Mud Fury. You can watch a video showing an ATV struggle through two deep water crossings. Mud flies as the rider gets stuck, momentarily, in a deep area and then digs his way out.  

The first weekend of the month, from 10am-6pm, is the only time this park is open. So plan your trip with that in mind. There are restrooms and running water, along with plenty of parking. But the $20 rider fee pays for more than just that. The trails are well maintained, albeit swampy.

From Monroe, Louisiana, take I-20 to exit 114. From the exit, turn south on SR-617/Thomas Road, and follow that for 5.8 miles. Turn left onto Philpot Road and follow it for 2.9 miles. There you will find the park entrance on your right.