Can you say airtime? If you love to jump your ATV or dirt bike on smooth wide trails, then this may be the place for you. Set up your tent at the campsite and pull on your gear. Time will fly by as you speed past the trees on this motocross track in Minnesota.

Yes, ATVs are allowed on this track. Unlike other trails, this is a manmade track that includes lots of jumps and hairpin turns. It isn’t super long, but it is tons of fun. Check out for a video showing a lap around the track.

The track is very well maintained, with smooth loamy soil. No rocks, no steep hills, no water crossings, and no pits. The trail is even groomed and watered on weekends.

There is also a pee-wee track for your little tyke to travel. Your little gal or guy may even work up to the main trail, as long as you can supervise. The jumping hills can be taken slowly for younger riders, and still be fun.

To get to the Meadow Valley Motocross Track from St. Paul Minnesota, travel south on US-52 for approximately 50 miles. Take the SR-60 East exit. On the SR-60, travel another 22 miles until you reach the track on your right. Enjoy the thrill of the track!