As ATVs become more and more popular the variety and quality of available parts increases. ATV shocks are a very important part of the ATV. There are a lot of options to choose from when you’re replacing the shocks and we will explain the difference between each of these.

There are hydraulic ATV shocks and Gas ATV shocks. The hydraulic shocks have only oil in them. More expensive models will have an added cylinder for the pressurized gas to go into.

Gas shocks are filled with nitrogen gas that is in another cylinder or separated buy some sort of piston or bladder system. 

There’s also the option of adjustable shocks. Shocks that allow you to adjust the compression and rebound might be a little more expensive but can be worth it. Adjusting your shocks allows for fine-tuning that will give you the optimal shock absorbency and correct handling.

You may want to consider adjustable shocks if you constantly have different riders on your ATV. Shocks can be adjusted to fit the weights that are applied to them. This allows them to provide a more comfortable ride for each rider.

The material that the shocks are made out of will make a huge difference. Many people just buy the cheapest shocks not understanding what really goes into a good shock. A better quality shock will last longer and perform better making it worth whatever price you pay upfront.

One very good material out there are chromoly.  Chromoly is a fairly common material in many cars and bikes that is known for its strength. Chromoly is a mix between chromium and molybdenum. It too is much stronger and adds a much greater protection against wear and failure. Certain parts of shocks can be built from chromoly.

There are many different ATV shocks to choose from. Understanding what kind of shock is best for your ATV will give you a better and stronger ride.