The RMSHA World Championships in Jackson Hole, were again a huge success for Zbroz Racing and it's supported racers. Racers who chose to use the best products continued to win races and set the standard in their classes. All of us at Zbroz Racing enjoyed being apart of the action and supporting our racers all weekend long. We want to congratulate all the winners and many others who finished on the podium. The weekend was full of intense racing, along with great weather. If you have never attended a snowmobile hillclimb, mark your calendars for this event next year. We have listed the winning Zbroz Racing riders below. Thanks again for your support!



WINNER: Pro Masters Stk:    Tom Roby
WINNER: 600 stock:             Luke Rainey
WINNER: 600 Imp Stock:     Jeremy Archibald
WINNER: 600 mod:           Cole Wilford
WINNER: 700 mod:           Tony Z.

WINNER: Pro Mas Imp:    David Sharp
WINNER: 800 Imp:            Kyle Tapio
WINNER: 800 mod:           Kyle Tapio

WINNER: Pro mas mod:   Charles Lopman
WINNER: Open mod:        Kyle Tapio

WINNER: Imp king:           Kyle Tapio
WINNER: Mod King:         Kyle Tapio