While any rider knows that shocks are crucial to the performance of his vehicle, performance snowmobile shocks improve your ride in a number of ways. Lots of snowmobile shock builders have many good ideas and designs that can help. Some of the design and ideas are discussed in the content below. Just take a look at the possible components available in today’s high performance shocks.

The Patented Low Fade Orifice Carrier gives you a smooth transition from soft, low speeds to hard, high speeds.  This easy transition gives you better control of your snow machine.  The Gas Cell eliminates oil from foaming, giving life-long consistency to your shocks.

Microcellular Urethane Bumpers stay soft even in the coldest, lowest temperatures.  Such a feature prevents your snowmobile from hard bottoming.  An Anodized Aluminum Body resists corrosion, weighs less, and also gives a newer look to your machine.

An Ice Scraper, as you might have guessed, scrapes ice off the rod. In turn, it prevents moisture from entering through the shocks.  This keeps the moisture from contaminating the oil.

The Compression Screw Adjust gives the rider an adjustment range of 300%.  He then can adapt his snowmobile shocks according to any surprises in changing environments, or even to his own taste.  The One Piece Extruded Aluminum Cylinder gives better performance though the combination of solid strength, better gas mileage, and its lightweight properties.

A Raised Valve Seat Piston flushes contaminates continuously from discs and orifices. This flushing prevents damping when you don’t want it.  A Large Diameter IFP O-Ring – allows higher gas pressure while keeping the seal strong. The seal keeps the gas and oil well separated so they don’t mix.

Solid Teflon Piston and IFP Wear Bands keep cylinder from scoring.  Therefore, it extends the life in damping.  The Super Finished Chrome Rod proudly displays a better finish to the surface for a long-lasting seal.  The thicker coating of chrome also prevents pitting and corrosion.

After looking at these many, amazing components, we see that high performance snowmobile shocks improve a snow machine dramatically.  Easier transitions, longer life, less corrosion, and a pretty exterior allow you to relax and enjoy the ride.  Of course, you’re welcome to show it all off along the way.