Now that the season’s over, it’s easy to just park your snow machine in the garage or at the side of the house, and walk away.  Months pass, the first snow comes, and while all your buddies are out riding and having a good time, you’re stuck at home fixing your snowmobile.  Following these tips for snowmobile summer storage will ensure that your snowmobile suspension parts and machine will be ready to go next winter.

Service your snowmobile.  Rather than wait until the beginning of next season, take your snowmobile to a dealer in the spring.  With much less demand during the season, you won’t have to wait around as long and may also have the opportunity to receive discounts of services.

Wash your snowmobile.  Remove the corrosive acids, salt, or dirt from your machine, including your snowmobile suspension parts and the engine.  Clean the seat with upholstery cleaner and do some touch-ups with wax or paint.

Get your spark plugs prepared for storage.  To keep rust from building up, take out the spark plugs and put into each cylinder one teaspoon of two-cycle oil.  After that, pull the recoil start rope several times.

Make any needed repairs to your snowmobile now.  Do the work in the garage in the spring while you can’t be riding outside anyway.  For preparation of snowmobile suspension parts, follow the instructions manual carefully.

Empty the fluids.  Check the fluid in the chain case, replace if needed, and drain your gas. This last step is unnecessary if you use a fuel stabilizer.

Pick a place to store your snowmobile.  Choose somewhere cool and dry, keeping the track off the floor on either a ramp or some boards.  The seat is best stored indoors, sun can quickly fad and damage a seat.

Don’t forget the final touches.  Wad up oily rags and press them into any openings, such as the exhaust pipe.  Finally, cover your snowmobile to prevent corrosion from settling dust.