ATV riding can be a lot of fun. With that fun comes some work in order to keep your ATV riding like it should. Because of its rough ride, an ATV can run into problems quite often. One common problem area is the wheels or tires.

If you are noticing that your ATV is more bumpy than usual first check your tires. It could be a number of different things all related to the wheel or the wheel shaft. Start here before you assume it’s something else.

Make sure your tires aren’t flat. Even though ATV tires are made to withstand some pretty tough terrain, they are not invincible. It is not uncommon to get a flat and you may not even notice it at first.

Another reason your ATV might not be riding quite right is the tread on the tires. While this is a much more gradual and subtle change, it does affect how your ATV grips the ground. You’ll be amazed at what new tread can do to your ride.

Tire pressure can also cause poor riding conditions. If there is too much or not enough tire pressure your ATV will not be able to perform properly. Many riders prefer lower air pressure in order to give their ATV better traction as it is climbing. You may want to adjust the air pressure to see if it makes a difference.

While it may seem unlikely, a loose tire may also cause a lot of problems. Make sure all your nuts and bolts are fastened tightly so your tires will remain secure. A loose tire can ruin your alignment and even break parts of your ATV if not noticed quickly enough.

The last problem we’ll point out is a problem with your ATV shocks. ATV shocks can get blown out and will need to be changed regularly. Poor shocks will make your ride very bumpy and uncomfortable.

Once you realize your ATV is having some problems, you should check into it right away. You don’t want the problem to turn into a catastrophe. Whether it’s simply a flat tire or blown ATV shocks, you will want to get it fixed so you can enjoy your ride.