Colt Brinkerhoff recalls winning round 6 of the 2012 NHHA series:

  I ended up having a horrible start on the bomb, it took 5 kicks to get my quad started. By mile 15 of the 86 mile race, I found myself in first place! I was heading up a rocky uphill in the dust, I didn't see a bigger rock on my right side. I ended up hitting the rock which threw me up on my right side and ended up rolling off of a ledge. The quad landed on top of me, luckily I was ok. My buddy Chaz Rushton #32 stopped to roll my quad off of me and made sure I was ok. I told him to get going as he was in second place at the time. I went to get back on my quad when I noticed that Chaz had accidently flipped it on a pine tree, it got wedged between my shock and A-Arm. I was stuck there for close to 10 minutes before I got it off of the pine tree, by then all of the "A" quad riders and "Novice" dirt bike rider's had passed me back. I put my head down and charged to the pits ending up catching Chaz who was still holding a strong 2nd place. I got to the pit where my awesome pit crew (Bundy Inc.) was waiting for me. He fueled me up and let me know I was 4-5 minutes down from the leader. I took off in 3rd and a couple miles in to the 2nd loop I caught and passed Chaz. I put my head down once again just looking to catch first place. I got my opportunity when I got to a tight tree section, first place was off of his quad lifting it around a tree. After that, we got sent through a 3 to 4 foot wide wash filled with bolders and roots. I ended up getting stuck 4 times, luckily 2nd place was helping me get my quad off of the rocks. I appreciate that in desert racers by the way, I thought that was pretty cool! I finally reached the end of the wash and noticed I didn't have a rear brake as I smashed my rear brake rotor on a boulder. I just kept concentrating on winning the race and after the gnarliest race I have ever done, I came out on top winning by a little less than 2 minutes! I couldn't have dont it without all of the support from sponsors, family and friends! Big Shout out to my buddy Chaz Rushton #32 for helping me get the quad of me! I would probably still be up there right now!

I would like to thank my sponsors for all of their help!

My parents, brother and sisters! Fasst Co./Flexx Handlebars, Exit Shocks/Ars-Fx, Roll Design, Maxxis Tires, Laker Customs, Sprocket Specialists, Jett Boots, Leatt, Fly Racing, Fastway Stabilizers,, Rath Racing, DWT Wheels, HMF Exhausts, Streamline Brakes, Works Connection, DFR, Quad Tech, RPM Axles, C & J Powder Coating, A'ME Grips, DT1 Filters, Campbell Racing Poly Skid Plates, Bundy Inc