To get the most out of ATV trail riding, the trails should be properly groomed. There are many trails that are groomed by the state or other land management companies but there are many trails are not kept up by anyone. If you are making your own ATV trail or grooming another one, you will need to know the basics in order to keep the trail safe, healthy, and fun.

Making your own ATV trail make take a lot of work depending on how overgrown the terrain is. You may need to use a winch and saws to clear trees and other debris. Once you have cleared the trail, you will need to inspect the ground to see if it needs any leveling. Remember that ATV shocks are made for rough ground don't get to carried away.

ATV trails are meant to be bumpy and fun. That is why the ATV shocks are made so well. Keep the ATV shocks in mind as you are creating a trail. You want to allow enough bumps to provide a good ride, but you also don’t want it to cause injury. Level out any areas that may be too difficult for an ATV to handle.

When grooming an already existent trail, you will want to use caution. There may be riders on the trail not expecting you. Use precautions by setting up signs and tape if necessary. You want the other riders to know that the trail is under construction.

Most of the trail grooming will be cutting down overgrown plants and branches. The best time to groom an ATV trail is during the spring time as that is when most of the growth takes place. You will probably need a chain saw to cut away the really tough parts.

As you’re grooming, keep in mind the width of an ATV. You may want to bring one up with you to be sure you’re keeping a good width. You want your allow extra room on both sides of the ATV to provide a little wiggle room.

Depending on the season you may want to spray for bugs. Sometimes there are infestations that need to be taken care of for the safety of the riders. Make sure you stick to the trails so you don’t harm the natural habitats.

Grooming an ATV trail or building your own will take a lot of work. Make sure you have the proper equipment with you to make things go quicker and easier. The work you put into grooming will provide invaluable memories to the riders who follow.