One of the most popular pastimes of the winter months is snowmobiling, and for good reason. The thrill that comes from speeding over the snow is incomparable. From a more utilitarian perspective, nothing can compete with the convenience of a sled when you have to cover some winter ground.

Snowmobiles have been around for almost a century. The first snowmobile was nothing more than a Model T Ford that had been modified by a man named Carl Eliason. He replaced the undercarriage with tracks and skis to deliver mail through the snow in the winter.

Not only has the snowmobile lasted so long, but it has expanded dramatically in both style and functionality. There is a great variety of uses from racing to rescue, and travel to touring. Many winter landscapes have been opened up to be enjoyed and understood like never before because snowmobiles have redefined winter accessibility.

There are numerous events hosted every year based around the snowmobile. These can be found virtually anywhere there is snow--and sometimes where there isn't.

Snowmobile tours go on every winter through National parks, recreation areas, and private land. They may highlight geological features, amazing views, wildlife, or just an exciting ride. Often it's a combination. You can usually rent a snowmobile if you don't have one, so these are a great way to get started in your snowmobile career.

If you're a little more experienced there are races all over the place as well. Snowmobile racing can broken down into even more categories: circuit races, snowcross, and even grass and asphalt drags. Customize your sled with some snowmobile shocks and other performance gear to give yourself an edge.

If you have access to some snowy land, you can enjoy simple joy riding. Sometimes just being out there is all it takes to bring a smile to the winter time. Sleds are extremely useful for transporting in and out of a remote cabin or doing farm or ranch chores in the winter.

Whatever it is you use your sled for, it will change the way you think of winter forever. Just remember, always keep yourself safe. Wear the proper safety gear and follow the rules. Keep your sled, including snowmobile shocks, tuned up and clean. Just like your car, never go without maintenance or you could ruin the machine. Most importantly, have fun!