This is the final installment for Utah off-roading sites. This blog focuses on great off-roading trails in Eastern and Western Utah. Here are some of our favorite places.

Amasa Basin - The Amasa Basin is found in the West. Amasa Basin has a lot of different trails that can be ridden. This is a smaller trail, only about 33 miles, but it has different trails that range from easy to difficult.

Cricket Mountain - This is a great Western Utah off-roading choice. It has trail-heads that go from Cedar and Johnson Pass, and go to Headlight Canyon and Little Sage Valley. There are a lot of options here.

Conger Mountain - This is also found in the Western part of Utah. There are 127 miles worth of ATV trails. You can find the trail-heads at Kings Canyon or at the Little Valley Well. Be sure that you have your ATV shocks serviced if you want to have a more pleasant ride.

Energy Loop - This Eastern trail is for adventurous drivers. The Energy Loop has a lot of options as far as terrain and trails go. There are great combination of scenery and even wildlife with this trail.

San Rafael Swell - The San Rafael Swell is in Eastern Utah. It is known for its beautiful and serene formations of sandstone. San Rafael also offers beautiful views of canyons, streams and panoramas.

When you are traveling off-road, especially in the Western parts of Utah, it is imperative to take precautions. Remember that the area is remote and won't have services. Plan ahead by bringing enough water, food and fuel to keep you safe in case you run in to trouble.

You don't only have to think of your well being. Consider your ATV as well. One way you can protect your ATV is to check out your ATV shocks. Having your ATV shocks serviced can guarantee a much safer, and smoother, ride