This summer while you are family vacationing or heading to that annual reunion, take note of your destinations.  You may be surprised that some of America’s greatest summer vacation destinations double as the best places to snowmobile.

First let’s look at the state of California. Since California is such a large state, from top to bottom its terrain varies greatly. You will no doubt find its hilly landscape to be a “Disneyland” for your snowmobile and snowmobile shocks.

The best city in California to check out is Mammoth Lakes.  Mammoth Lakes has breathtaking mountain scenery and a vast store of snow for tracking.  The city also boasts pristine forests and an amazing wildlife reserve.  Mammoth Lakes has groomed trails (80 miles) and 75,000 acres of open area for riding.

Lookout and Bald Mountain are great places to visit as well as the Inyo Craters because of the snowfall that these places receive. Some of the deepest snowfall in the west is found there.  This wealth of snow creates the perfect opportunity for snowmobiling.

Now let’s look at the Grand Tetons.  Everyone knows the Tetons are famous for having some of the best snow on earth.  So let’s discover where the best snowmobiling places are within this mountain range.

West Yellowstone, MT has been called the "Snowmobiling Capital of the World."  And the city earned this title by providing endless powder—the kind that caresses snowmobile shocks!  West Yellowstone averages over 150 inches of snow each year.

If you desire adventure with your snowmobile excursions, West Yellowstone is your place.  The city offers excitement to any sled enthusiast.  There are few places in this part of the world that can compete with the snow available in West Yellowstone. Experiencing Montana as a snowmobile destination is a must for devotees and beginners.

Nestled within a similar mountain range is Stanley, ID. Stanley Basin is actually surrounded by three mountain ranges: the White Clouds, the Salmon River Range and the Sawtooths.  These mountains provide 220 inches of snowfall annually. There are 185 miles of groomed trails but the off-trail riding seems limitless.  The beautiful views in every direction make snowmobiling here not only a blast, but awe-inspiring.

So keep in mind this summer as you travel. You might already have visited a place you need to revisit this winter.