If you’re going to be around Bangor, Maine, and you’re looking for a four-wheeling trail with a great sand pit, look no further. The Dixmont trails have a sizeable sand pit, miles of trails, and an easy to find staging area. In fact, there are also several smaller sand pits besides the largest one.

With about 20 miles of trails over only 12 square miles, it is not a group of trails you will likely get lost in, even though it is a well-forested area. The largest sand pit and some of the smaller sand pits are somewhat centrally located, so you can easily find your way back from there.

In addition to sand pits, these Dixmont trails have miles of straight, smooth paths. So, if you like to get up to higher speeds every now and then, there is definitely room for that. Sand pits and speed; What’s not to love?

The Dixmont trails are primarily amateur trails, but beginners can use these trails as well. However, beginners should probably avoid trying anything fast or steep in the sand pits, until they have more drive time under their belts. Experts will still get a lot of enjoyment out of these trails, although the trails are not exceptionally challenging.

The location of the main staging area is only about 23 miles from Bangor. From Bangor, take Highway 202 traveling west towards Dixmont. After about 20 miles, take highway 7 to Troy Center Road. Turn left there and you will see the trail staging area come up on your left. Enjoy the trails!