The Danskin Mountains trail system is one of the largest in Idaho. With 160 miles of trails on 60,000 acres, this vast area covers scenic mountainous terrain. As you ride the trails, you will see a great deal of space between the trees, helping you avoid getting lost.

With many curvy hills to climb, you will enjoy views of the snowcapped mountains nearby. The climate type is high desert, with occasional trees. Plenty of sagebrush covers the hillsides and the occasional mud pit makes for some splashing fun. Some of the trails are only for off-road motorcycles, but there are trails that also allow OHVs up to 48” wide.

Camping is available, but there is a lack of tree cover for shade. However, the lack of trees also means an earlier thaw, so the Danskin Mountain trails are popular for springtime four-wheeling. The trails are also nicely hard-packed, well-marked, and maintained.

To get to the Danskin Mountain trails from Boise Idaho, take the southbound I-84 six miles to exit 64. Turn left off of the exit ramp onto Kuna Mora/Blacks Creek Road.

You will follow Blacks Creek Road for 9.8 miles, following the road to the left at each fork you come across. This will take you to the main staging area, Three Point Mountain, set for ATVs. If you are looking for the motorcycle trails, continue on the same way to Bender Creek or Willow Creek staging areas. Set aside some time to enjoy all the trails you want to hit before you leave, and have fun!