ATV riding can take you through some tough terrain. It is no wonder that so many ATV riders get flat tires while they are riding. Anyone riding an ATV should be prepared for the event of a flat on and off the trail.

Being prepared requires you to have equipment on you at all times. Tire repair kits and even a spare tire can be carried with you if you are thinking ahead. A tire repair kit is probably the best option as a spare tire can really be a pain to fit onto your ATV.

As you are riding don’t be afraid to stop and check your ATV tires. If you suspect a flat tire, pull off and take a look. You don’t want to ride on a flat longer than you need to.

As you are checking the tires also do a simple inspection on your vehicle. Sometimes there are other problems as well. Your ATV shocks can sometimes be damaged along with your flat tire. Check the ATV shocks as you are doing your inspection to ensure they are still in working condition.

The tools you will need as you change your tire are simple yet pretty effective. You will want a sealant to seal the wall of the tire. Tire sealant is easy to use and fairly inexpensive.

If your tire has more than just a hole you may also need a tire plug. Tire plugs are for punctures in your tire. They require a little more work than the sealant and take a little more time.

Knowing how to fix your tire is really important if you are planning on doing any ATV riding. The way you ride and the terrain that you ride on makes your tires extremely susceptible to getting damaged. You might want to practice making these fixes so you will actually know what to do when you really do get a flat.

ATV tires are made to withstand harsh conditions but they are not invincible. If you’re not prepared you cannot only damage your tire but other parts such as ATV shocks. You should always be prepared for the worst case scenario and carry the necessary tools with you.