A 21.7-mile trail in Colorado claims its roots in old railroad history. A trail with an elevation up to 11,482 feet, it is a road that began as a railway line. Mostly, it is paved as it weaves up through the initial neighborhoods, but eventually it turns into a dirt road, higher up.

The views are amazing, the trees breathtaking. Underneath the mountains, you can see Breckenridge. And in other areas, you can overlook the national forest.

The mountains look out over an expansive view. But, even though the elevation is so high, the path is an easy gently sloping path, as it was originally designed to support the engine capability of trains.

This pass can be busy with cars on weekends, so it’s probably best not to plan a hike or four-wheeling trip during a busy time. However, going in the winter for snowmobiling, you will have a lot less competition for traveling the pass.

You can take the whole family on this beginner-level run. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can follow some steep and challenging trails that break off from the main road.

To get to Boreas Pass from Breckenridge, take the CO-9 S (Main Street) to CO-Road 10, taking a left. Turn right on CO Road 518. Turn left on Bunker Hill Lane and then right again on Boreas Pass Road (CO-Road 10). When the road splits, stay right on Boreas Pass and follow it to your heart’s content. Find a parking place higher up and enjoy yourself on the trail!