Second in length only to the Modoc Line, still under construction, the Bizz Johnson National Recreational Trail boasts an amazing 25.4 miles of beauty, peace, and history. If you go in the fall for some 4-wheeling, hiking, or horseback riding, you will see some beautiful fall colors, rushing streams, and lots of green. Or, you can try camping in the spring and summer.  If, however, you are looking for a snowmobiling adventure, prepare for a breathtaking winter wonderland.

The Bizz Johnson National Recreational Trail is named after the old California congressional representative Harold T. “Bizz” Johnson, who served from 1958 to 1980 in the House of Representatives. He was responsible for making the massive “rails-to-trails” project a reality.

Like the Modoc Line, this trail began as a railway, old and no longer used, but just asking for transformation to recreational use. It winds through thickly wooded areas and the Susan River Canyon, with several tunnels, trestles, and historic land markers and sites along the length of the trail.

The trail starts in Westwood and ends in Susanville. The route is not difficult, mainly flat or with a slight incline or decline. The trail goes through miles of woods and then follows the scenic Susan River for 16 miles. You will see old shacks and tracks, a railroad station, a 25-foot carved statue of Paul Bunyan (at the Westwood Trailhead) and more.

On Highway 36, traveling to Westwood, take the Lassen County Road A-21 due North. 3 miles later, you will hit County Road 101 and turn in there. You will get to the Mason Station trailhead in half a mile.  While you’re there, try the fishing. Enjoy your snowmobiling trip!