While you are out ATVing or snowmobiling there are times when accidents can happen. Injuries may occur, and you need to be prepared ahead of time. Here are a few things to remember or learn about if you are out ATVing or snowmobiling.

The first thing to remember is to plan ahead. Take a CPR or first aid class. Have first aid kits available with a lot of variety of things. Find a first aid kit that covers small accidents as well as a little more serious accident.

Second, be prepared for weather conditions. When you are snowmobiling you will have to be prepared for cold weather. Cold weather can bring on hypothermia, especially if you somehow get trapped out in the cold.

In cold conditions you want to have warm coats and blankets available in case of emergencies. You can store heat packs in your car that you can use in case of emergencies. When you are stuck in cold situations try to stay as dry as possible and do best to keep warm.

Heat can also cause serious issues when ATVing. Bring plenty of fluids and try to stay in the shade. Heat stroke can be especially dangerous for your health. Be prepared for dry spells with ways to keep cool.

If an accident happens to a fellow ATV companion do your best to remain calm. Don’t try to move them in case of serious back or neck injury. You can cause worse damage by moving them many times, so keep them still.

If there is major bleeding treat that right away. Apply pressure to the wound or tie off the area above the wound. Grab bandages from your first aid kit.

The way you drive will affect how safe you are on the trail. Many riders like having their ATV shocks set a certain way. Some ATV shock settings will allow a smoother ride, while others will make it bumpier. Be sure that your ATV shocks are set within a safe range.