There are many rules and regulations to take into account when riding an ATV. Don’t make the mistake of riding before you know exactly what is expected of ATV riders. Each state’s rules are different so be sure to check into each of them before you ride.

Titling your ATV will be one of the first steps you will need to take. An untitled vehicle will be ticketed and may even be towed. You can title your ATV at the DMV just as you would any other vehicle.

Registering your ATV goes hand in hand with titling it. Some states don’t require you to register your ATV if it’s not being used on public roads. Other states mandate that all ATVs need to be registered.

Even if your ATV is registered and titled, be careful what roads you drive on. Some states don’t allow ATVs on public roads at all while others are pretty lenient on these grounds. Also make sure any off-roading you do is done on roads specifically marked for ATVs.

Ignoring the rules on road regulations isn’t very smart. If you drive on a road that prohibits ATVs, you can ruin the road/trail or worse, get hurt. Some roads aren’t made to withstand motorized vehicles and you can get seriously injured if you ignore this.

Make sure you know what is required of you as far as safety gear is concerned. You will always need a full head helmet and proper riding boots. Most places don’t have set rules for what you should wear, but more is always better when your safety is on the line.

There are also unspoken rules that you should be aware of. You should always take care of your ATV and the ATV roads. Check you ATV shocks and other parts to make sure they are working properly. Bad ATV shocks can really mess a trail up which isn’t fair to other riders. ATV shocks and other parts may require time and money to fix, but it will be better for everyone if it’s done.

These are just a few of the many rules and regulations for ATV riding. Do your best to heed them for everyone’s safety. Whether it’s safety gear or simply titling your ATV, get it done befor