The clothing and safety gear you wear while riding an ATV is there to protect you from both major and minor injuries. You may not find it necessary, but without it a small crash can turn from bad to worse. While some pieces are more significant than others, even the littlest bit can help.

One of the most important parts of your ATV riding apparel is a proper ATV helmet. This helmet is there to literally save your life. You will want an approved DOT helmet, which will be labeled as such. Head and brain injuries are the hardest to reverse but can be prevented with the simple use of a helmet.

Eye goggles are another important piece. While they may look silly to wear, it’s definitely not funny when debris is flung into your eye. Goggles also help with any kind of rain or snow. Protecting your eyes now will really preserve your eyesight later on in life.

Your hands are constantly making contact with the handlebars of your ATV. Because of this they can blister if not properly protected. The best way to protect your hands is with gloves or a special wrap. Gloves are also made to keep your hands warm in cold weather and ventilated in hot weather.

The type of shirt and pants you wear will probably depend a lot on the weather. It is smartest to always wear a long sleeved shirt because it protects all of your upper body skin. You will want your pants to always be covering your entire leg. You will probably want to tuck them into your boots. It’s also nice to have waterproof pants because many of the ATV trails are muddy and wet. If you want to layer your pants for extra padding and protection, that’s fine.

Having extra padding on your body will help keep the roughness of the road to a limit. Your ATV shocks will do most of the work that ATV shocks are meant to do, but the ride will still be very bumpy. Having padding on your legs will also help to absorb some of the impact. An ATV shock can only do so much.

The last item we will discuss is a pair of good riding boots. You will definitely want over the ankle boots. The skin on your ankle is so close to the bone that you really don’t want to chance a gash or cut in that area. Over the ankle boots last forever and give you all the protection you need for your feet and ankles.

ATV riding apparel is extremely important. You want to assess the weather and trail type and dress accordingly. Some things will never change like your helmet, riding boots, and gloves. Make sure you are fully prepared to really minimize the risk of injury on the trail.