An emergency kit is a great thing to have with you anytime but especially while riding your ATV. Riding an ATV increases the risk of getting in an emergency situation so having a kit with you is really a smart idea. You should include anything that you might think will help you but make sure it’s compact and lightweight.

You need to make sure you have enough water. This is necessary for any ride and shouldn’t just be used in an emergency. Carry at least one or two water bottles for each person on the trip.

Food is obviously another important thing to have in an ATV emergency kit. Carry small, but calorie packed foods like granola bars, power bars, or trail mix. You just need enough to sustain you so don’t get carried away.

You will also want to bring a simple tool/repair kit for your ATV. Fixing something big like an ATV shock may not be possible on a trip but there are many small things that can be fixed. Things like flat tires, ripped seats, and loose screws can be easily fixed with a simple tool repair kit. If your ATV shocks do happen to need help, they can usually last until you get back to a real shop.

A first aid kit is another important part of your emergency kit. You can buy a ready-made one from the store or make your own. Make sure to include an antiseptic, bandages, and something to cleanse wounds with.

In areas where there may be freezing weather, you will also want to pack an emergency blanket. There are lightweight blankets that pack really well in a kit. They are made for freezing temperatures so it can really be useful if you are stuck overnight.

Besides these essentials you can also pack things like sunscreen, hard candies, medicine, and any other things you might want. Just make sure you don’t pack too much that it weighs down your ATV. ATV shocks can be affected when too much weight is applied.

Having an emergency kit while you’re riding your ATV can save your life. It will give you some essentials to get by with if there’s ever an emergency. Make sure it’s lightweight and you won’t even notice that it’s with you.