In the world of ATV racing there are many courses out there to explore. They have everything from speed courses in motocross formate to cross country. There is even mud races and everything in between. This article will go over just a few of the racing courses that are out there.

Probably one of the most popular racing courses is Motocross. Motocross racing involves a lot of natural terrain along with big jumps, difficult obstacles, and tight turns. It draws large crowds because the whole course can be viewed from the stands.

Another popular racing course is cross-country. This is very comparable to typical four wheeling done for recreation. It is normally timed and is usually over several miles long. This type of racing requires a lot of skill, endurance, and reliability. Having good ATV shocks can make or break your race in any one of these courses.

Flat track or TT courses are yet another common course. This course consists of packed dirt roads with wide turns and a few small jumps/obstacles. Some of the flat track races are timed while others consist of a certain amount of laps with a finishing line.

A similar course to a flat track is an ice-racing course. These courses are typically found up north where they have frozen lakes and ponds in the wintertime. They are similar to a flat track with wide turns except they don’t have any jumps or obstacles.

Super Moto racing courses usually aren’t used for ATVs but there are some that are beginning to allow them. These courses are mainly pavement with a small off road section with jumps. Because there aren’t many courses that allow ATVs, these races aren’t very common.

Racing out in the desert is another type of ATV course. They are usually pretty long races with few difficult obstacles. The track is pretty straight and more high speed with a few wide twists and turns. These races are based on time. Because these courses are so long, you will want to have ATV shocks that will provide a good ride for these conditions. 

These are just a few of the many types of ATV courses. They all have their unique characteristics and requirements. ATVs will have to be specifically adjusted for whatever course they will be running. Things like ATV shocks and other parts of the ATV may need to be changed, replaced or adjusted. Racing ATVs is a whole new world for those ready for the challenge.