James Bond is arguably the most well known spy in the world. The Bond films are the highest grossing film series in history, and there have been numerous other portrayals in nearly every form of media. Nearly everyone has heard of 007.

One of the well known characteristics of the franchise is the amazing technology James Bond uses to get his jobs done. Whether its a pen, a watch, or a shoe, there is always some gadget handy to get him out of a bad situation. And there's no shortage of bad situations for Mr Bond.

Something that is expected from a Bond film is a cool car and a great car chase. His cars are full of surprises, and just like his personal effects, you never know what might be included. Bond is also a master of improvisation, and has made his getaways on everything from skis to a jetpack.

In the seventh James Bond film, "Diamonds Are Forever," the MI6 agent makes his getaway on a three wheeled ATV, also known as an ATC. The bike was a 1970 Honda US90, one of three that Honda donated for the production. They were painted green and had antennas added, but was otherwise unaltered.

In the scene, three henchmen are chasing Bond through the desert on the ATCs, as well as some guards in a car. The car can't handle the terrain and rolls, but the bikes jump and slide by in hot pursuit of 007. Bond gets around a corner and sets his vehicle riding along by itself, then ambushes one of the bad guys whose bike had tipped over, riding away in the opposite direction and ghost riding the bike when he arrives at his car.

After the film Honda retrieved two of he three bikes and destroyed them. The third was given to someone involved in the movie, who stored it for years in England. Eventually the Ian Flemming Foundation, a museum for many of the Bond vehicles, located the bike and restored it. It is now on display at said museum.

Something interesting about these bikes is the lack of ATV shocks. Rather than a proper suspension, they were equipped with large balloon tires, which acted similarly to ATV shocks, if not as permanently. The tires were kept slightly under-inflated to improve traction and suspension.

These ATCs were perhaps not Bond's most exotic vehicle, but they certainly made that scene. It's a wonder there haven't been more ATVs featured in Bond films over the years.