If you’re tired of the same-old trails, you might enjoy trying a new trail, just opened in 2010. From Ashton, Idaho, to Tetonia, Idaho, this trail runs a 29.6-mile expanse of scenery. This trail was a rail-to-trail conversion from an old Union Pacific rail line.

What makes this rail-to-trail conversion extra fun is that it includes restored rail trestles and five railway bridges. During the warmer months, it is a gravel trail used for fishing access, horseback riding, walking, and mountain biking. In the winter, it’s all about snowmobiling and cross country skiing.

Yes, the breathtaking Teton Mountains are viewable from this trail that runs slightly uphill from Ashton to Tetonia. Property access was denied through a small private property at one part of the trail, causing a 1.4-mile detour. This is located in the France-Drummond area in Fremont County. The detour will take you to County Road 4400 E, a gravel road at Route 32. Head north to County 700 N. and go west to the trail re-entry.

Another small property issue is the discussion of location of an Ashton trailhead. Currently, the trailhead is temporarily located a ways off at Marysville. The endpoint on the trail is on Egbert Avenue in Tetonia. So, you can park there, instead of starting in Ashton.

If you do not mind these two slight inconveniences, the nearly 30 miles of Idaho winter beauty will reward you as you hit the trail for a long, easy, ride. The views are amazing and the quiet seclusion offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the winter months.