If you love the water, you will be thrilled with the Appalachia Bay trails. Nicknamed “Motorcycle Island," Appalachia Bay is actually a peninsula that juts out into the water. When the water level rises, the land bridge is covered, turning the peninsula into an island.

Running these trails is amazing, as you are literally riding beachside around the perimeter. There are also miles of wooded and sandy trails across the inner area of the peninsula. The views are beautiful and the air is fresh.

There are also water crossings and some jumps along the way. Some of the trails are hard packed, but mostly you will be driving on sand. The forest in the center of the peninsula is lush and green with trails that travel right through the trees.

From Tulsa Oklahoma, take the US 412 going west for about 20 miles. You will pass over Keystone Lake, crossing a bridge. At the end of that bridge, take a right on the first exit. 0.4 miles later, you will take another right to the overpass.

Turn right at the T-intersection and go another 4/10ths of a mile. Turn left on West Bears Glen Road. Drive one more mile to the lake. You will find a gated entrance. Just through the gate, turn left onto a dirt road that will lead you directly to the gravel staging area. Enjoy the waterside trails!