Alaska is known for its beauty, wilderness, and outdoor life. The mountains, the rivers, the tundra, the trees, and the adventure of it all are what drive tourists by the droves each year to Alaska. Those who are snowmobile enthusiasts dream of someday snowmobiling in Alaska.

If this is your year to fulfill that dream, you may consider the Chase Trail, a relatively flat and easy trail for beginners and families. Located not too far south from the Denali State Park, it follows along the Alaska Railroad, meaning every now and again, a train may pass by snowmobilers on the trail.

The landscape is smooth, peaceful (other than the trains), and lovely. The trail starts out of Chase, a very small railroad community living near the Susitna River. Another small community lies about 5 miles south on the 14 mile trail, called Nodwell.

At the end of the trail is Clear Creek, an area that attracts fisherman from many miles around. Talkeetna is the main town for the area, with shops and cafés and is located near the southernmost end of the Chase Trail. The Talkeetna Airport is not far from the trail’s endpoint.

To get there from the Talkeetna Airport is very simple. Take S Terminal Ave traveling northwest. Turn left on F Street, traveling southwest. The trail endpoint for Chase Trail will come up on your right. Have fun and remember to always bring space blankets and emergency supplies when snowmobiling in Alaska.