The 2011 Jackson Hole World Championship Hill Climbs were this past weekend. The Hill was very tough as usual unlike last year we had tons of great snow on the hill and received snow off and on all weekend. There were many racers who won there respective classes over the weekend using Zbroz Racing Products to help them achieve there goals. 
 We had hoped to get some good video footage of the event but were not allowed to use any camera devices this season. Please feel free to contact the Snow Devils on there website and let them know how much you want to see helmet camera footage. Sorry we plead our case as sponsors and racers but could not make it happen this year. I do however hope to get some good photos from those who had cameras on the hill and will post some soon. 
 Here is a list of those we would like to congratulate on there success. I'm sure we will miss a few so I'm sorry if we missed you. 

David Sharp 
Ben Adams
Improved Stock
Ty Free
Tom Roby
Bryant Ropelato
Amy Zollinger
Nathan Zollinger
Russ Tapio
Dennis Durmas

Photos provided by Nate Blaylock (Thanks Buddy)