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Zbroz Racing/Brockstar AER 48mm Air Recovery Kit


Zbroz Racing/Brockstar AER 48mm Air Recovery Kit

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SKU: K81-2100-0

Application: KTM and Husqvarna Models Equipped with WP AER 48mm Forks

- Simply and easily bleed your fork after every ride without disassembly of the fork.

- Installs with simple hand tools to make bleeding the inner chamber simple.


The Zbroz Racing's AER Fix/Recovery kit installs into the air side of your front fork to allow you to bleed the fork without tools or without dismantling the fork to do so. The WP 48mm AER Fork has some inherent advantages and some disadvantages. Sometimes when the fork is bottomed hard or when used in a snowbike application, air can move across the quad seal putting air on the incorrect side of the fork creating an imbalance that causes the fork to sit too low in the stroke. By installing our Zbroz Racing AER Fix, you simply push the pressure relief valve, reset your fork pressure and done. Designed and test with help and input from master fork tuner Brock Butters of Brockstar suspension and tuning.

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